Where can I send a demo?
In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, Equal Vision Records no longer accepts unsolicited physical demos. Instead, please e-mail music@equalvision.com with a link to where we can check out songs on the web. It's much faster, cheaper, and easier for us to listen to music online. If we like your tunes, we'll request a CD or demo package.

Who can I talk to about my band?
We love talking about music, but unfortunately we can't respond or give tips to every band that sends in a submission... there just aren't enough hours in the day, and we need to devote our time to our current artists. Instead, spend your time writing the best music you can. Travel, tour, flyer, and build your band on your own. The harder you work, the more likely we are to notice.

Do you offer internships?
We offer unpaid internships to anyone with a good work ethic and a passion to learn about the music industry. We prefer to work with students pursuing a college degree, but more importantly we're people with a strong level of commitment to our program and our company. If interested, please send a resume to interns@equalvision.com.

Is Equal Vision Records a major label?
No. We're an independent record label entirely owned and operated with no outside financial support. We are however distributed by the Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA Music), which is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group. ADA also distributes some of our favorite independent labels like Sub Pop, Epitaph, Saddle Creek, Atlantic, Doghouse, Fearless, Hopeless, Matador, Merge, Polyvinyl, and more.

I have another question...
E-mail info@equalvision.com and we'll do our best to respond.