Equal Vision Records and South Carolina-based indie-rock quartet All Get Out are excited to release “Feeling Well” and “DFR,” the band’s first brand new songs since 2018’s No Bouquet. Somewhat intertwined songs that reflect the memories and experiences associated with small town living, “Feeling Well” and “DFR” are songs that show off two different sides to All Get Out. The former is a song that swells from a simple, solitary guitar chug into a quasi-orchestral crescendo of frustration, uncertainty and doubt with frontman Nathan Hussey proclaiming, as the song slows down again at the end, “I don’t feel right about it now.” It’s a lyric that also begins, and is later repeated in, “DFR,” a beautiful song about nervous youthful abandon that transports you back into a past that, even if you didn’t specifically experience, you know all about.

‘Feeling Well’ and ‘DFR’ are the heart of our new work,” Hussey said. “They take you through a wide range of feelings and hopefully leave you with some comfort in the unknown.” Stream “Not Feeling Well” and “DFR” on all platforms HERE.

As much as you can try, you can never fully run away from who you are because it’ll always be part of who you are. It’s in your soul, your heart, your essence. That sense of resigned futility is something that All Get Out has captured here in these two brand new tracks.

“Feeling Well” and “DFR” also signify a change in approach when it came to writing songs. Before, anxiety about the end result would often hamper Hussey’s process. This time around, however, he was able to push that aside and – although still editing with as much care and attention as usual – let things just flow a bit more.

“I used to struggle really badly with starting writing and also finishing writing songs,” he explains. “With these songs, I let the writing guide me to what it’s about. I’m a big fan of not walking in with a purpose but letting it feel its way out, and maybe finding purpose in what you wrote instead. It meant there was less anxiety about it – it was just time to go do it rather than worry about what was going to happen.”

Stay tuned for more music and information on the band’s forthcoming full-length on Equal Vision Records in 2022.