Glass Cloud

"If He Dies, He Dies" (Official Music Video)


    Jerry Roush - Vocals
    Josh Travis - Guitar


    “This is hands down the most aggressive, angriest, and heaviest material we’ve ever created.”

    These bold but accurate words spoken by guitarist/producer Josh Travis describe Glass Cloud’s newest EP – Perfect War Forever. The EP, released on October 22, 2013 through Equal Vision Records, follows the band’s debut full-length album, The Royal Thousand, which was released just one year prior – in July of 2012. Both pummeling, in your-face-assaults of modern heavy music, they each showcase a distinguished level of musicianship, creativity and personality – setting themselves apart from others with a defining and refreshing sound.

    The four-piece, Hampton, VA-based outfit is comprised of Josh Travis [ex-The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza], vocalist Jerry Roush [ex-Sky Eats Airplane, ex-Of Mice & Men], and Berklee School of Music graduates Travis Sykes (bass) and Chad Hasty (drums). The new five-song EP not only showcases Glass Cloud’s most intense work to date, but also features the band’s first-ever recorded 9-string material.

    Musically, Glass Cloud offers a sense of controlled chaos fueled by Roush’s deep, ferocious growls and distinct, gritty cleans. Travis’ phenomenal guitar work and ability to constantly surprise listeners stands out as he displays the perfect balance between energetic, driving intricacies and calmer progressions that carry a dark, eerie tone. Sykes and Hasty, who have been friends since age 16 and attended school together in Boston, MA, rule the rhythm section contributing unique cadences and swinging, jazzy grooves interlaced with softer symphonic touches. Glass Cloud shines as the members deliver some of their heaviest and most technical compositions to date.

    “The collective musicianship and talent level in this band is unbelievable,” explains Travis. “…and to top it off, the guys are all down-to-earth people too. Working on this record has been a lot of fun. We are trying to introduce something organic and ambient into heavy music. Not the typical breakdown heavy, but darker chords upon layers and layers.”

    Roush boasts unabashedly about the remarkable caliber of musical proficiency within the band, and about the strong creative connection between himself and Travis stating, “Musically, Josh is a beast…the dude is a musical machine. We meshed so well, right from the start, making tracks that had no limits to them. I couldn’t have asked for a better and more prolific guitarist to accompany me in this musical endeavor.”

    Josh Travis also recently teamed up with Legator Guitars for the release of the Josh Travis Signature Series eight and nine-string guitars, which are both now available.

    Glass Cloud has stayed on the road nearly non-stop since their inception, touring and sharing stages with the likes of Killswitch Engage, Every Time I Die, Trivium, The Chariot, Oceano, We Came As Romans, The Ghost Inside, Like Moths To Flames, and Miss May I ; And performing at renowned festivals around the country including SXSW, New England Metal and Hardcore Festival 2012 and 2013, South By So What and Jamboree. Glass Cloud most recently toured the US on The Chariot Farewell Tour, and will continue to tour extensively throughout 2014.