Never Loved

"On & On It Goes" (Official Music Video)

    Cameron Knopp - Vocals, Guitar
    Jay Gayoso - Bass
    Shane O'Brien - Guitar


    Never Loved is an alternative rock group formed when long-term friends, Cameron Knopp (vocals, guitar) and Jay Gayoso (bass), took matters into their own hands and aimed to create music that spoke directly to people. Having met through South Florida’s local scene, Shane O’Brien (guitar) then joined the duo to officially form the three-piece group. The band released their debut self-titled EP and received great response to their alternative rock vibe with a hint of grunge and pop. Riding the wave of positive feedback, Never Loved is now releasing their debut album, ​Over It​.

    This past year has brought many exciting moments for the group – an increasing fanbase, a future tour with Armor For Sleep, and the upcoming release of ​Over It​. While quarantine was not in the plan for this year, it did give Never Loved more time to work on new songs and really hone in their sound. The group paired with friend and producer, Matt Squire, to flesh out ideas and bring their songs to life.

    Working with Squire and taking time off between sessions helped bridge creative gaps that the album longed for. This gave the guys time to experiment by creating different sequences and interludes, while simultaneously making sure the album flowed. Each song on the record has a unique sound due to the variety of sequences and melodies, but they all have the underlying true alternative rock sound that fans eagerly get pulled back into.

    When looking back on the writing process, Camm views this album as more of an “audio diary” rather than a set of songs grouped together. Almost unknowingly, Camm references weather multiple times in his lyrics which gives the listener a sense of familiarity blended with poetic depth.

    While the majority of the writing happened recently, the track “Sorry” was written before the studio. The lyrics have changed through Camm’s experiences over the past few years, and landed on the resolution that it’s okay to own up to your mistakes, but don’t always expect the same in return. Camm wanted to emphasize that all we can do is keep trying to be better, even if it’s hard at times.

    If someone is interested in getting to know Never Loved, “Over It” is the track to listen to. Opening with an alarm clock, this track is all about dealing with life’s mundane rituals and simply being tired of carrying out responsibilities. Camm’s voice is unrestrained and passionate which coincides seamlessly with the gang vocals of the chorus. It makes you want to put your hands up and sing along to the shared feeling of well, being over it. Not only are the lyrics relatable, but it also creates a comforting sense of togetherness which makes you want to listen on repeat. “‘Over It’ is the most raw and closest thing to being the true identity of Never Loved,” Camm stated.

    The debut of ​Over It​ will kick off an exciting period in Never Loved’s career. These emotional, raw songs will captivate listeners and create a community within their music. According to the guys, “life is going to throw a lot of sh*t at you, but it’s about making the best of it. You’ll get past it, keep trying.”