"Hammer Through The Windshield"- (Official Music Video)
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    Ryan Patterson - Vocals/Guitar
    Kayhan Vaziri - Bass
    Carter Wilson - Drums


    One of the quintessential underground bands of the early millennium, Coliseum was founded in 2003 by singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter Ryan Patterson. After releasing their debut album in 2004, Coliseum blazed an unrelenting trail of scorched earth across the globe playing just shy of 1000 shows and releasing five full-length albums. Coliseum went on indefinite hiatus in late 2015 not long after releasing their fifth album, Anxiety’s Kiss.

    In the years since the hiatus, the three members of Coliseum – Patterson, bassist Kayhan Vaziri, and drummer Carter Wilson – focused on their separate current bands. Patterson went on to form post-punk group Fotocrime, Vaziri continued with grind metal act Yautja, and Wilson fronts slowcore band Null.

    The trio remained close friends and their desire to make music together again led to secretly working on a new album. While Coliseum’s later albums were post-punk and noise rock-influenced post-hardcore, the new batch of songs Patterson began writing were raw hardcore punk that harkened back to Coliseum’s early D-beat days but with even faster tempos and more raging riffs. In bursts of creative energy, they wrote and recorded these songs at Patterson’s House of Foto studio and at Wilson’s home studio before handing the tracks over to Jonah Falco (Fucked Up, Career Suicide) to mix and Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) to master.

    The result is C.L.S.M. Infinity Shit. A new album from all three members of Coliseum, but not a new Coliseum album. C.L.S.M.’s Infinity Shit is ten songs of blistering hardcore punk with unhinged vocals that deal with the chaotic insanity of everyday life in a world overrun with greed, self-infatuation, instant gratification, and ever-deepening class divisions. It’s the perfect punk record for this moment. It’s a hammer the shatters the facade of our daily reality.