Glacier Veins

"Autonomy" (Official Music Video)

    Malia Endres - Vocals, Guitar
    Kyle Woodrow - Bass
    Jason Espinoza - Guitar
    Jesse Beirwagen - Drums



    Inspired by the Moon, Portland, OR-based dream punk group, Glacier Veins, are releasing their second full length album, ‘Lunar Reflection’, via Equal Vision Records. The band, consisting of Malia Endres (vocals, guitar) and Kyle Woodrow (bass, vocals), released their debut record, ‘The World You Want To See’, in early 2020 and had plans to tour the rest of the year, but ultimately got to writing when the pandemic put those plans on hold.

    This time off allowed the band to slow down and self-reflect on their emotions and experiences as a whole. Since Glacier Veins did not see each other at all in 2020, each member wrote their parts remotely and sent it along to the rest of the group, building off each other to write the album. After heavily utilizing live takes on their first record, this new process gave each member the opportunity to reach the emotional headspace needed to complete the record.

    ‘Lunar Reflection’ focuses on self reflection and encourages listeners to evaluate their value in their personal relationships. Endres really wanted to emphasize that you cannot always control what happens to you, but you can learn to adapt and make the best of your situation. While positivity is no stranger to Endres’ lyrics, ‘Lunar Reflection’ takes a deep dive into processing how and why we feel the way we do about outward experiences in hopes of finding light in the darker spaces.

    Familiar with Glacier Veins’ desired sound, the band teamed up with old friend and ‘The World You Want To See’ producer, Justin Abel, to produce and engineer the record. Paired with Courney Ballard’s expert mixing, the band felt comfortable that their team was accurately representing the sound that seemed to flow out of the Glacier Veins members.

    The first single, “Cover Me”, is a fast-paced track which leaves the listener with the lasting impression that Glacier Veins is back and continuing to inspire. Their next single, “Autonomy”, depicts a reset back to one’s self and accurately represents the message of the album as a whole. It is a rush of fresh energy that the listener can feel as they take the song in.

    “The Moon has an ability to shine a light into the darker spaces in order to see things more clearly,” Endres stated. “I hope listeners are able to get in touch with their emotions and explore the relationships around them.” Endres’ lyrics and the band’s wondrous instrumentals truly create a space full of exploration and takes the listener on an inward journey. Get ready to embrace your true self with Glacier Veins and ‘Lunar Reflection’.