Silent Drive

"Prescription For Death" (Official Music Video)

    Zach Jordan - Vocals
    Nick Van Someren - Guitar
    Pete Chilton - Bass
    Dave Joyal - Drums


    Silent Drive is a group of individuals whose musical history has been long in the making. Boasting members of Bane and Drowningman, Silent Drive’s personnel have been performing and writing within the independent music scene for close to twenty years. Though this four-piece has deep roots in the hardcore/metal scene, it is branching out far beyond the constraints of any genre. The recipe is strict: anything goes, as long as it rocks. “There is no melody too sweet and no riff too heavy for us…as long as it says what we want it to say, we have no boundaries,” comments bassist Pete Chilton. Musicians, first and foremost, any category they are put in will be superseded and canceled out by the fact they are fearless musicians who live for the song and for the process of bringing it to anyone who may enjoy it.