Sleep On It

"Falling Further Faster" (Official Music Video)

    Zech Pluister - Vocals
    TJ Horansky - Guitar/Vocals
    Jake Marquis - Guitar/Vocals
    Luka Fischman - Drums


    Sleep On It harnesses the strength and vulnerability of the human spirit with their second full-length album, Pride & Disaster. Over the course of ten songs, the Chicago rock band makes a case for enjoying life, even when times are tough, and never shying away from your truth.

    The themes of growing up, working hard, and being open about the problems we face are commonplace in the catalog of Sleep On It. From their earliest recordings, the band — Zech Pluister (Vocals), TJ Horansky (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Jake Marquis (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), and Luka Fischman (Drums) — has strived to maintain a sense of authenticity in every song they write. Pride & Disaster finds those efforts at an all-time high, with the group consciously working to write material that speaks to every aspect of their lives, and not just the things that bring them down.

    “One of the big things we focused on when making this record was not only writing sad songs,” Pluister says. “Going along with the theme of growth, we wanted to show that there is more to life than just being sad. As hard as life is, there are still good days, and we really wanted that thought to be present in this record. It doesn’t seem fair to us to only portray the hard times.”

    Reminding listeners about the lighter side of life are tracks such as “Babe Ruth,” which deals with childhood friends and the memories they share, as well as the feel-good party song “After Tonight.” There’s also “Logan Square,” which plays as a love letter to the Chicago neighborhood where the band resides and the people in it that make their home.

    In fact, the idea of home and its importance to one’s wellbeing is present throughout Pride & Disaster. Home doesn’t have to be a physical structure that you inhabit, and it doesn’t have to be a location. Home is something that you find in people, places, and things. It is a feeling that always pulls you back, and in doing so, provides comfort. Home is something that you never forget.

    The positivity found throughout Pride & Disaster adds a silver lining to an album that is also unafraid to address the problems that many, including the band, face with mental health. “Under The Moment,” the record’s lead single, balances a lyrical cry for help with a structure and sound that feels meant for summer festivals and late night sing-a-longs in cars with those we care about the most.

    “We’re trying to be better every day,” says Horansky, “And that’s what a lot of our songs are about. We want to be better people. We want to improve ourselves, and we want to help the people around us improve as well.”