Robert Fish - Vocals
    Tom Schlatter - Guitar


    After having met 9 years ago on a bill they shared together, Robert Fish, vocalist of 108, The Judas Factor and Ressurection, and Tom Schlatter, guitarist for You & I and Hundreds of AU, have joined together to form a new band, Every Scar Has A Story.

    Written, recorded and mixed over a matter of weeks, in the midst of a quarantine, their self-titled EP explores various spectrums of the human experience. While Robert and Tom’s other bands are known for their aggressive and heavy soundtracks, Every Scar Has A Story combines tight rhythmic songs, with loose melodic guitars, and screamed vocals that represent a definite departure for the duo without it feeling foreign. Musically, listeners will hear a hint of 80’s post-punk fused with the sonic approach of their other bands.

    Lyrically, the group is introspective and tackles subject matter that is fitting of a group that has literally grown up within the trapping of the punk and hardcore scene for the last 30 years. The first of the three songs, “Every Scar Has A Story”, explores how the person we are today is a reflection of all that we have experienced: the bumps, the bruises, the joys and heartache. “Move On”, the rawest of the three lyrically, reflects upon the acceptance of the shortcomings between the person we are and the person we aspire to be, and the need to move towards self-improvement rather than self-loathing. The final song, “Price of Admission”, reflects on how our biggest failure as a nation is found in the way we treat our most vulnerable and those most in need. It begs to ask the question: is what we have today worth the price of admission, including the unjust sacrifices of our loved ones, our neighbors and our humanity?

    Every Scar Has A Story are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to share the self-titled EP with the world, to make their way to a stage sooner rather than later, and to continue to create music which represents their unique perspective as musicians and humans.