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"Seasons Change"
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    Tom Taub - Vocals


    While dwelling in various parts of upstate New York, Upgrade has been constantly developing as an emcee over the past decade. Some career highlights include sharing stages with Mac Miller, Styles P, Chris Webby, Saigon and Big Sean. Through a chance encounter he also received a big supporter in the personage of Josh Eppard (of Coheed & Cambria / Weerd Science).

    Ironically as his career began to flourish his struggle with panic attacks became more pronounced. In turn, finding the right medication and correct dosage added to the burden.

    Recalling that time Upgrade says “2014 was the darkest period in my life up to this point. I could hardly leave my house, I couldn’t drive any more, and I would have to have my mom or a friend drive me to my shows. Most people didn’t realize how bad I was doing. I wrote Chemical Imbalance as I was going through all of that it and it is the most honest thing I have written. I wanted people to know exactly the bullshit I have to deal with to go through the day.”

    An example of this period is “Further Down the Rabbit Hole” which features a guest appearance from Eppard (in his Weerd Science guise). The emcee recalls “I left my house for the first time in a month to record that track, I think you can tell in my take.”

    Currently in a better place mentally and lyrically exorcised, Upgrade HipHop has filmed multiple videos for Chemical Imbalance: Another Dose (to premiere soon) and intends to tour in support of the album.