Night Verses

"Karma Wheel" - (Official Music Video)
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    14 products

    Nick DePirro - Guitar
    Reilly Herrera - Bass
    Aric Improta - Drums



    At the core of most truly progressive music is a certainty amongst those involved that everyone is working towards the same bigger picture. When this level of trust is combined with an unshakable commitment to innovation and unmatched technical prowess, the possibility to move beyond the conventional songwriting approach and create something truly groundbreaking can exist. After 15-plus years of collaboration, the members of Night Verses have developed this level of chemistry and, on that foundation, have built a new collection of songs that lives outside the realm of contemporary heavy rock.

    Since the mutual parting of ways with vocalist Doug Robinson in 2017, Aric Improta (Drums/Sampling), Nick DePirro (Guitars) and Reilly Herrera (Bass) have challenged themselves to find a sound that will push the boundaries of what an instrumental rock outfit can accomplish. While Robinson’s departure was never expected, no longer being tied to a vocal melody has opened the door for the remaining members to explore a myriad of new musical directions. They’ve taken full advantage of this opportunity to craft a new sound, avoiding the trap of just recreating old Night Verses songs without vocals in favor of taking the path less taken, both by their peers and in terms of what the band has previously released.

    In January of 2018, Night Verses introduced their new direction to the world via a 3-song EP released on Equal Vision / Graphic Nature Records. This initial offering from the band puts the diverse array of influences the band has drawn from for their upcoming full length on full display; setting the bar high for what fans can expect from that release. Whether it’s the prolonged absence of drums in areas (something the band noted was present in classical compositions but not in most current popular music) or the abstract vocal samples that serve as additional instrumentation (as borrowed from 90’s trip-hop), Improta, DePirro and Herrera have challenged themselves to write and arrange songs that they felt they would have never been able to pull off even a year ago; a difficult task for three musicians already considered among the world’s elite.

    With such ambitious goals in mind, Night Verses turned to producer Will Putney (Every Time I Die, Body Count, Knocked Loose, Amity Affliction) to help realize the sound they’ve sought their entire careers. This was undoubtedly the right choice, as Putney was incredibly in-tune with their varied influences and was able to bring the best performance out of each member. The fact that he shared a very similar pedigree with the band allowed them to integrate each of their, often obscure, influences into something both cohesive and unlike anything the band has put out previously. As the band points out, when they brought up a reference, Putney was able to guide them in a way that would apply it as if it were a filter that delivered what the band wanted from the reference while still staying in line with what they were trying to accomplish within the bigger picture”.

    This latest EP consists of three songs (“Copper Wasp”, “Vice Wave” and “Vantablonde”) that will be part of the band’s highly-anticipated second full-length on Equal Vision / Graphic Nature Records later this year. Their Equal Vision debut in the form of the critically-acclaimed 2016 The Vanishing Light which was produced by Ross Robinson (Slipknot, At The Drive-In, Norma Jean). In support of that record, the band toured with ISSUES, Of Mice & Men, Envy On The Coast and more, and delivered multiple well-received performances at NAMM in 2016. Before signing to Equal Vision, the band debuted the project with a pair of Kris Crummet produced releases; the Out Of The Sky EP and a subsequent full length entitled Lift Your Existence. Around Out Of The Sky, the band headlined across the UK, as well as, frenetic introductory shows in Los Angeles and New York. They would spend over two years touring off of Lift Your Existence including dates with Norma Jean, letlive., The Fall Of Troy and culminating with headlining dates in Anchorage, Alaska.

    Already beloved by critics and fans alike, look for Night Verses to reach new heights in their role as torchbearers not only in heavy rock, but in regards to the wider world of progressive music in 2018.