"Unending" (Official Music Video)
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    5 products

    Daniel Butler - Vocals/Guitar
    Dylan Hulett - Bass
    Austin Hulett - Drums


    In 2014, The members of Lume – Daniel Butler (Vocals/Guitar), Dylan Hulett (Bass), and Austin Hulett (Drums) – started the band with the purpose of emerging themselves in a diverse, vibrant musical scene that would help them reach a new level as a band. After several sold-out, limited run releases and a prolific touring schedule that found them hitting almost every state, the band entered the writing process for their upcoming full-length, Wrung Out, in late 2016 with the goal of recording what could become a pivotal release in their career.

    Wrung Out is largely centered around a string of personal tragedies the band endured around the time they began work on the record. In the span of just a few short months, the band lost three close friends to suicide or drug overdose, forcing them to evaluate life through a different lense and burying them in questions with no easy answers. Wrung Out would become a memoriam to their lost friends and a method of catharsis for the band as they went through the stages of grief. It is a meticulous examination of the societal pressures that all too often lead to tragedy – mapped out like the investigation board a detective would use to solve a crime.

    With Wrung Out approaching this central theme from so many different angles, it was important that the band emphasize the individuality of each song. The band turned to Mike Watts (Glassjaw, Dilinger Escape Plan, O’Brother) to produce the record and help guide them as they expanded their sound. They also enlisted Johnny Dang (of o’Brother) and Spencer Ussery (of Big Jesus) to collaborate on several tracks; learning valuable lessons about crafting a song from both in the process. The result is a diverse collection of ethereal, heavy rock songs that owe as much to the bands they grew up on – such as Soundgarden and Radiohead – as they do to contemporary rock bands like Citizen, Chelsea Wolfe or Nothing.

    Wrung Out is undoubtedly Lume’s most ambitious record to date and having signed to Equal Vision Records, it will surely see them rise to new heights in 2018.