"Three Long Over Ice"
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    Jonny Mays - Vocals/Guitar


    WATERMEDOWN, the solo project of vocalist/guitarist Jonny Mays, has signed to Equal Vision Records and premiered his music video for “Serenity”, which is available now at Youtube.com/equalvision. The track comes from his new EP, Somewhere Sleepless, which was released via the label on September 25, 2015.

    As his first studio-recorded release, Somewhere Sleepless EP pushes WATERMEDOWN into new musical territory that builds and expands on his already intense signature sound. Mays’ vocal work throughout the EP showcases emotional rawness with a visceral force, effortlessly building from a delicate, near-whisper to a quivering, heartwrenching shout.

    “The lyrics for “Serenity” were written in my car, about an hour before tracking vocals for the song with Jay Zubricky (James Taylor, Pentimento, Every Time I Die) at GCR Audio in Buffalo, NY. The instrumentals had already been recorded, and the day before I had attempted tracking vocals with lyrics I had previously intended to put to the song, but my voice was really hoarse, which really bummed me out,” Mays reveals.

    “I think it was just from not resting or training it prior to going into the studio, but it left me really thinking about the idea of my voice one day blowing out completely and not being able to sing anymore. I ended up scrapping about 90% of the old lyrics and instead turned the song into a disclaimer to anyone listening that I’m singing and shouting really loudly to stand out and grab attention, and that audacity could one day fade and die amongst the fact that we all one day fade and die. The concluding message though, is that I’m going to persist for as long as I can for the sake of my own expression, no matter how many people ultimately care in the end.”

    To date, WATERMEDOWN has toured and shared stages with the likes of Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties, You Me & Everyone We Know and Bonfires.