Kyle Lobeck - Vocals
Chris Davilla - Guitar
Kevin Ryan - Guitar
Jacob Kirkegard - Bass
Daniel Conway - Drums


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—unless you’re YouInSeries. Started in 2003, the five-piece band from Las Vegas started a revolution inside a city built on silicon, plastic palm trees, neon lights and the synthetic version of the new American Dream—and they came out winning.

After two years of self-promoted national tours, Kyle Lobeck, Logan Lanning, Chris Davila, Jacob Kirkegard and Cheyne Smith signed to Equal Vision Records as YouInSeries, a band ready to take on modern music and twist the perception of a post-hardcore world. “It became apparent that we both wanted to work with each other. It was something that we both wanted to do so it worked perfectly,” said the guitarist/songwriter Logan Lanning of their signing to the label. “It’s one of those success stories… it?s an awesome thing.”

The idea behind YouInSeries is the recognition that we are all nothing more than random elements thrown into an evolution of events. “YouInSeries is a Post-it note for forever,” Lanning says. “[It’s] the idea that you put yourself in a series of events.” The guitarist wrote about the idea in a creative writing class in college and it stuck with the rest of the band as a kind of visceral thematic construct. The main premise is that we must learn to embrace the present and enjoy the moment, the only point at which we truly exist. And that’s where the songs come from, Lanning says. Knowing that while inside us the elements could be at total war, YouInSeries aptly named their forthcoming, genre-defining debut, Outside We Are Fine.

For YouInSeries, breaking out of Las Vegas took hard work and a dynamic sound. “Vegas is a big town but it?s also small by the same standard,” Lanning said. “The music scene is not as thriving as [larger cities] and when a band even changes a little, they get a bit more recognition.” After YouInSeries polished their sound to be more intricate and focused, fans gravitated to the band that was soon filling the most popular Vegas rock venues. While in Las Vegas all the bands seem to get lumped together, YouInSeries was the one that stood out.

Before being signed, the band members all between 19 and 22 years old crossed the United States twice on a self-sufficient DIY tour. “We did the shows that nobody wanted to play and the shows we were lucky enough to play,” Lanning said about life before the label. “[EVR] got to see us live right off the bat which was a good thing because we take a lot of pride in our live show.”

The 10 songs on Outside We Are Fine, a moody and melodic record that warps the image of modern rock today, were written to make people feel that at the end of the final song the listener had gone through a full experience. The record was created with the help of respected producer Brian McTernan (Thrice, Circa Survive); an experience Logan Lanning says was amazing. “We worked really hard on this record,” he said— and it shows through. “We just want to connect… that’s the main thing.”

Outside You Are Fine will hit stores May 30, 2006, an event sure to reshape how music today is listened to. With each song representing a separate aspect while threading together to form the perfect fabric of a post-hardcore movement, YouInSeries will show the world just how far that movement has come, blast through the walls of where it ends, and lead the way to where it will go from here. YouInSeries’ Post-it note for forever is sure to be just that, a band and a record that truly defines the spirit of the time.

On January 25, 2008, vocalist Kyle Lobeck announced via MySpace that YouInSeries had called it quits.