Baltimore-based quartet Cherie Amour released their sweeping debut album Spiritual Ascension on Equal Vision Records. You can stream and purchase the album here. The release is accompanied by an official video for focus track “God Be A Woman”, which you can watch here. Cherie Amour has built hype throughout the year with a series of bombastic singles that have garnered them acclaim from fans and critics alike. “Losing Control”, “Sin City”“Letting Go”, and “Love’s Not Your Thing” gave fans a taste of the creative diversity that shines brightly on their debut full length, paired with official music videos that introduced the distinct personality and style of the group.

Spiritual Ascension is a creative tour de force that effortlessly explores the sonic landscape of punk rock, pop-punk, electronic tinged pop and hip hop. All 11 songs are absolutely dripping with attitude, and each serves as a statement on the bands versatile songwriting ability. The album boasts a colossal amount of production value,  courtesy of longtime  producer Alan Day (Four Year Strong). Spiritual Ascension takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride punctuated by pulsating, club-friendly grooves, moments of metallic fury, stage-dive anthems and a heartfelt lyrical sensibility throughout. The band has a fearless creativity they aren’t afraid to flex –  Spiritual Ascension is proof that Cherie Amour are amongst the brights rising stars in alternative music.

Cherie Amour has this to say about their debut album:

“ Spiritual Ascension feels like it picks up where [previous release] ‘Internal Discussions’ left off. Since the release of our first EP we’ve all gone through huge life changes not only musically, but in our personal lives too. We’ve grown a lot as people and as musicians and we really felt that while writing this record. We dive deeper into our heavier side as well as our RnB and HipHop side. When you listen to this record we hope it brings you peace of mind that we’re all trying to find our place in this world, and no matter what you’re going through you will always have the people around you.”

The band will join In Her Own Words, Capstan and Shallow Pools on a month long North American tour starting November 18th. Tickets are on sale now. Full itinerary is below. You can stream and order Spiritual Ascension vinyl and merchandise here.

Cherie Amour is Trey Miller (vocals), Casey Reid (guitar), Brendan Willis (guitar) and Ronnie Sherman (drums).

Spiritual Ascension Tracklist
1. Welcome
2. On Deck
3. Sin City
4. Low n Lean
5. Letting Go
6. Mind’s Eye
7. Love’s Not Your Thing
8. God Be A Woman
9. Spiritual Ascension
10. Losing Control
11. In My Head

About Cherie Amour:

Cherie Amour are both an established act and a new band. Its members–vocalist Trey Miller, guitarists Casey Reid and Brendan Willis and drummer Ronnie Sherman–had been playing together as One Life To Lead, but felt that name didn’t suit their evolving musical style. As a result, they renamed themselves Cherie Amour, and it’s with this moniker that the self-styled nu-punk outfit have truly found their sound. The four-piece have done so by mixing together a killer blend of genres that, on paper, make for odd bedfellows, but in the band’s capable hands sound like they’re meant to be together. “It was amongst our goals to not try to prescribe to a certain genre,” says Allen. “We wanted it to be all-encompassing so that you can get out of it what you want and need, and we felt that nu-punk was the best way to describe that simply.”

2022 singles “Losing Control”, “Letting Go”, “Love’s Not Your Thing” and “Sin City” all appear on the bands debut album Spiritual Ascension (11/4/22) and  serve as follow ups to acclaimed 2021 debut EP Internal Discussions, both produced by Alan Day (Four Year Strong) and released on Equal Vision Records. Their newest tracks are catchy, hook-laden, emotion laced journeys through the bands pop-punk foundations mixed with heavy breakdowns and an unapologetic undercurrent of hip-hop inspired pop. Their debut album Spiritual Ascension is available on November 4th, 2022 from Equal Vision Records.