Baltimore-based quartet Cherie Amour released their new single and video “Letting Go”, which will appear on their new album Spiritual Ascension due out November 4th on Equal Vision Records. You can pre-order and pre-save the album here.

“Letting Go” is Cherie Amour’s third single of the year and serves as an impressive statement on the groups self described nu-punk” sound, expertly combining elements of pop-punk, post-hardcore, RnB, hip hop and metal. Produced by Alan Day (Four Year Strong), the track is a tour de force of hard hitting production with a radio friendly veneer. Not content to rest on their alternative laurels, the band mixes in an undercurrent of  mainstream hip-hop and pop swagger that elevates the track into unique sonic territory. While “Letting Go” will appeal to a wide range of music lovers, it is anything but formulaic – instead, it serves as a reminder that Cherie Amour has a musical perspective totally their own. The accompanying music video (directed by Casey Reid) adds an engaging visual component that builds a dramatic narrative centered around vocalist Trey Miler. You can stream and watch “Letting Go” here.

Vocalist Trey Miller has this to say about the latest track:

“This was one of the first demos we did that I knew had to be on the album. When Ronnie and I were living together in Baltimore last year, he actually made the initial beat on Ableton and played it for me later that night while we were out on the balcony chiefing and I immediately got to writing. It was that point in the pandemic when I was getting really tired of not being able to go out dancing so I wrote the lyrics from the perspective of being inside one of my favorite bars in Baltimore called ‘The Charles’. Me and one of my best friends would go there almost weekly.”

The band will join In Her Own Words, Capstan and Shallow Pools on a month long North American tour starting November 18th. Full itinerary is below. Tickets and VIP go on sale Friday, September 9th at 9am EST. You can pre-order Spiritual Ascension vinyl and merchandise and pre-save the album here.

Cherie Amour is Trey Miller (vocals), Casey Reid (guitar), Brendan Willis (guitar) and Ronnie Sherman (drums).

Spiritual Ascension Tracklist
1. Welcome
2. On Deck
3. Sin City
4. Low n Lean
5. Letting Go
6. Mind’s Eye
7. Love’s Not Your Thing
8. God Be A Woman
9. Spiritual Ascension
10. Losing Control
11. In My Head

About Cherie Amour:

Cherie Amour are both an established act and a new band. Its members–vocalist Trey Miller, guitarists Casey Reid and Brendan Willis and drummer Ronnie Sherman–had been playing together as One Life To Lead, but felt that name didn’t suit their evolving musical style. As a result, they renamed themselves Cherie Amour, and it’s with this moniker that the self-styled nu-punk outfit have truly found their sound. The four-piece have done so by mixing together a killer blend of genres that, on paper, make for odd bedfellows, but in the band’s capable hands sound like they’re meant to be together. “It was amongst our goals to not try to prescribe to a certain genre,” says Allen. “We wanted it to be all-encompassing so that you can get out of it what you want and need, and we felt that nu-punk was the best way to describe that simply.”

Their latest singles “Letting Go”, “Love’s Not Your Thing” and “Sin City” serve as follow ups to acclaimed 2021 debut EP Internal Discussions, both produced by Alan Day (Four Year Strong) and released through Equal Vision Records. Their newest tracks are catchy, hook-laden, emotion laced journeys through the bands pop-punk foundations mixed with heavy breakdowns and an unapologetic undercurrent of hip-hop inspired pop. A self aware, existential lyrical edge adds an element that confidently breaks down genre barriers and makes all three tracks truly unforgettable experiences for the listener. The band will release their new album Spiritual Ascension on November 4th via Equal Vision Records.