Today, Texas In July return with the intensely heavy single “False Divinity.” Teaming up with Equal Vision Records, the release marks the first new music from the band in nine years. “False Divinity” opens with a ferocious callout from vocalist J.T. Cavey before diving head first into an onslaught of high octane guitar work and rapid drums. The soaring chorus could probably shake a stadium crowd, as Cavey sings “Set ablaze, reanimate / through suffering we will remain.” The monochromatic video for the track finds the metalcore band as dynamic as ever, giving an impassioned and exhilarating performance.

Speaking on the track and creating new music, Cavey states:
“We all have so many good memories from our time as an active band; it was a real treat to rediscover our love for our style of music. The song came together as a nice extension to what we wrote on our last full-length album, Bloodwork. “False Divinity” features what we feel are all the best things that make Texas In July a band, alongside a darker tone lyrically of what we have been witnessing in the world as of late.”

Originally formed in Pennsylvania in 2007, Texas In July quickly became a staple act in the metalcore scene, performing frequently alongside bands such as We Came As Romans, The Devil Wears Prada, and Of Mice & Men. With four albums and an EP to their name, including the fan-lauded Bloodwork released in 2014, the band decided to part ways in 2015. With Cavey taking over lead vocals for Erra and guitarist Chris Davis joining The Ghost Inside, it wasn’t until during the pandemic that the band began chatting about coming back to the stage. On December 29th, 2021 Texas In July performed in their home state of Pennsylvania to an immense welcome, followed by two more shows in 2022. The feeling of playing together was invigorating and the fan response unmatched, leading the band to start writing new material and the creation of “False Divinity.”

Reflecting on the process, bassist Ben Witkowski comments:
“This band loved what we did. We loved touring, we loved writing, and more so than anything, we loved performing. Disbanding in 2015 was extremely difficult. The thought of playing again started looming over us about four years after our last show, but it ultimately took us six years to play again. When we returned to play shows in 2021/2022, our fans were clear about one thing they wanted from us. That was new music. False Divinity would have never been written/recorded without our fans’ sincere demand for new music. We thank them for pulling us out of our newfound routines and comfort zones to bring us back together again to a place we truly loved. This release is dedicated to them.”

What’s next for the band is a bit of a mystery – maybe some shows, maybe more new music. It is, however, clear that Texas In July have found a sense of renewal and are primed to keep going.

Texas In July is J.T. Cavey (vocals), Adam Gray (drums), Ben Witkowski (bass), Chris Davis (guitar), and Christian Royer (guitar).