Three-piece alternative rock band Young Culture is bringing nothing but good vibes with their brand new EP Godspeed. The record is out now via Equal Vision Records, and features recent singles “Hum,” “Godspeed,” and “Simplemindedteens.” For more information, please visit:

According to vocalist Alex Magnan, “These 5 songs are just a showcase of what we’ve always been about, solidifying who we are and what we do. I want the listeners to feel the different emotions we’re trying to convey with each track. Each song has something special to offer and I want it to be felt to its fullest.”

After spending nearly every Sunday during the pandemic brainstorming and writing together, childhood friends Alex Magnan (vocals), Gabe Pietrafesa (guitar), and Troy Burchett (guitar) were ready to share the found happiness and love that many people are now being able to experience once again.

The band’s debut self-titled LP released in 2020 was an extremely diverse mix of songs, so the guys decided to base the pop-rock sound of this EP off of the style of music their fans enjoyed the most from their previous album. Offering the group some new perspective, Young Culture took a different creative approach and decided on the artwork and the name Godspeed before they dove into the writing process. “We knew what kind of vibe the artwork and name would have, so we polished off these songs with that in mind,” Gabe reflected. This approach created a cohesive blend of happy songs that are perfect for summer and a great reminder to practice love wherever you go.

The group recorded this EP in a true DIY fashion. After tracking the songs at an old friend’s studio in Albany, they were then passed onto long-time friends of the band, Derek DiScanio of State Champs and Sam Guaiana, to produce, and Gabe’s brother, Tony Pietrafesa, to engineer. It became clear that the connection between the guys grew even greater during those Sunday sessions when it didn’t take long to polish off this group of fun and loving pop rock tracks. “It felt good to be able to see that we can do this on our own and have it come out like this,” Gabe commented.

The EP kicks off with a strong title track, “Godspeed,” which focuses on two star-crossed lovers and the importance of continuously exploring life with the one you love.

Young Culture is very eager to kick off this summer with some positivity and love for anyone who will listen. Their new EP Godspeed is out now via Equal Vision Records. To stream or purchase, please visit:

Young Culture Is:
Alex Magnan (vocals)
Gabe Pietrafesa (guitar)
Troy Burchett (guitar)

For More Information, please visit:

Godspeed Tracklisting:

1. Godspeed
2. Hum
3. Shiver
4. Simplemindedteens
5. Head High (Swim)