Common Sage


Julian Rosen - Vocals/Guitar
Bryan Louie - Guitar
Steve Keely - Bass
Christopher Todd - Drums



Whether it’s acknowledged or not, starting a “Post Hardcore” band in this era is not a decision to be taken lightly. The genre, rife with copycats, naysayers, and gatekeepers, can be one of the most critical of its kind. This is why, upon first listen to Common Sage, one should keep an open mind. The Brooklyn, NY based quartet brings to the table not only a serious deference for their groundwork laying predecessors, but they offer something new to the scene altogether—which is much easier said than done.

Common Sage’s sound feels like a modern take on the melodic side of post hardcore with a strong influence from the legendary Long Island emo scene. When these dualistic stylings are partnered with a dissonant, cacophonous riff-storm, they sound something like Quicksand and Title Fight dancing a delicate ballet. This is no doubt a very calculated and deliberate musical high wire act, and it’s not something that can be accomplished by a band that have not done their due diligence.

Herein lies the secret to Common Sage; it’s less of what they choose to put on the canvas as artists, but more of what they choose to hold back that shows the true nature of the band. While something such as a simple three chord breakdown could have served them greatly in the short term—the band opts for much more artful choices, making veteran level structural decisions that you would expect from innovative songsmiths like Modest Mouse or mewithoutYou. It’s easy to see why industry pillars like Geoff Rickly and Steve Pedulla of the band Thursday or Jason Gleason of Further Seems Forever were quick to lend their talents and to the bands new music.

This is why it is so fitting that Sage, a medicinal herb, when burned is used to cleanse the air of all its impurities. One can only hope that Common Sage can accomplish something similar within their genre, clearing out the staid tropes of the past and making way for something new to appear out of thin air.