Today, SoCal based post-hardcore outfit Dead American have shared their sweeping new single and video “Full Of Smoke”, which will appear on their debut album New Nostalgia, out February 11th on Velocity Records and Equal Vision Records. The members – Cove Reber (vocals), Chad Rexton (guitar), Steve Pollock (guitar), Josh Latham (bass, vocals), and Kyle Rosa (drums) are inspired by the classics of their genre but looking to the future with their upcoming album, which is available for preorder here. The band considers themselves students of the Warped Tour Era, with a palpable amount of  influence taken from artists such as Underoath, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday, and New Found Glory mixed with their own original sound.

“Full Of Smoke” takes the listener on a sonic journey that ebbs and flows between aggressive vocals, angular guitars and a weighty groove. The track highlights the bands ability to write music that is equal parts heavy and ethereally beautiful, anchored by a captivating melody and thoughtful lyrics. The official video is comprised of swirling, cinematic live shots of the band, creating a caustic visual accompaniment to the track.

On the straight forward meaning of their new song, vocalist Cove Reber has this to say

The song is a good representation of how I feel in regards to everyone ‘in control’ seemingly blowing smoke up our asses.” 

Dead American will join the Velocity Records Tour presented by Revolver in early 2022, alongside Scary Kids Scaring Kids, D.R.U.G.S., Secrets and Glasslands. Tickets and VIP are available hereNew Nostalgia is available for preorder through Equal Vision Records and Velocity Records here.

About Dead American:

Dead American, a five-piece group out of Southern California, began as a project influenced by the desire to tap into the nostalgic sound of 2000s post-hardcore. The members – Cove Reber (vocals), Chad Rexton (guitar), Steve Pollock *guitar), Josh Latham (bass, vocals), and Kyle Rosa (drums) found themselves with songs that “sound like a band from an earlier time but with a modern twist”; thus, their debut album, ‘New Nostalgia,’ was born. The members are all students of the Warped Tour Era, which is why the band takes influence from artists such as Underoath, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday, and New Found Glory, but gives them a modern twist. With the intention of not wanting to sound too digitized, the guys went into the studio utilizing producer Fred Archambault’s keen ear for live takes and his ability to capture the true essence of the band’s talents. Fred was essential in keeping the nostalgic vibe, Dead American believes the album would have sounded too modern without Fred’s input. “This is us,” Chad said. “There’s no bullshit or trying to make it sound any different other than what you’d get in a live setting.” Having released just one EP before this album, the band was excited for the opportunity to have more freedom to voice their frustrations through writing. ‘New Nostalgia’ is a set of 13 songs that combines the collective frustrations of the group with topics ranging from relationship struggles to societal issues. When listening, it’s clear that the band was not trying to fit any “acceptable” molds and were simply writing openly after accessing how they were feeling in the moment. The laidback personalities of the band members shine through and demonstrate how this band truly does whatever they want in their creative process. ‘New Nostalgia’ blends energetic and hard-hitting post-hardcore with little hints of more modern elements and sounds.