Joshua Eppard - Vocals


Weerd Science is more than just a side project. As Weerd Science (Joshua Eppard) is also the drummer for Coheed and Cambria, some will, of course, jump to this conclusion. But please note, this is far from the truth. Weerd Science is a project/group/idea that has been kicking around Kingston, NY for a good 10-11 years, and these rhymes have stood the test of time.

To understand Friends and Nervous Breakdowns and the man behind the music, please realize that Weerd Science has been hit with each of the following: a cue ball in a sock, a brick (in the head no less), and a few fists throughout the decade or so that led up to the making this record. This work is the product of these beat downs as well as some emotional beatings as well. Just listen to “Joshua They’re Laughing At You.” Weerd Science is basically an example of what happens when you push the geeks too far. Born from a gang of dorks, nerds and outcasts, Weerd Science is the response to being picked on for much too long. Everyone has a breaking point, and Weerd Science has been there.

Friends and Nervous Breakdowns is more than just an angry record though. With laughs and jokes and a tongue in cheek smirk throughout, the album is not as dark as its origins may lead you to believe. But while often tongue in cheek, this is not true for the entire record either. It’s up to the intelligent listener to hear the difference. For instance, according to Josh, even though “Girl, Your Baby’s Worm Food” mentions it, “Weerd Science does NOT condone punching any pregnant women in the stomach, even though everyone else is fair game.” In contrast though, “*uck You And Your Filthy A&R Dept.” is pretty straightforward. This is not a work to be taken at face value. It requires both a keen ear and a focused listen. Weerd Science is basically rapping about real life. Sex, booze, friendship, and politics are all covered, but in real life nothing is black and white and neither are these rhymes.

Friends and Nervous Breakdowns is meant to shock the listener and to create a sense of anger, confusion, empathy, as well as some downright hilarious moments. Listen to it loudly, and you’ll find that the lyrics may make you squirm, but they will also make you think. Don’t check your brain at the door; you’ll need it.

When it comes down to it, though, Weerd Science is all about beats and rhymes. No matter what the preconceived notions are, his rapid-fire flow is tight, the production value is of the highest caliber and the beats are hard. This record was made will a respect for hip-hop that can only be gained through a life long love of the art form and the respect that grows from that love.

Weerd Science is sometimes self-effacing, usually humble and never scared. The members of this crew aren’t gangsters or delinquents. They are just here to move you, surprise you and inevitably entertain you.