Green Cassette with a cassette case that depicts artworks of a fast moving highway with lights in motion. There is text that reads Saves the day and can&

Can't Slow Down • Transparent Dark Green Cassette • Limited to 300

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Saves The Day
Can't Slow Down 

Cassette Shell: Transparent Dark Green
Limited to: 300

Track List:

Side A
A1. Deciding
A2. The Choke
A3. Handsome Boy
A4. Blindfolded
A5. Collision
A6. Three Miles Down
A7. Always Ten Feet Tall

Side B
B1. Nebraska Bricks
B2. Seeing It This Way
B3. Hot Time In Delaware
B4. Houses And Billboards
B5. Obsolete
B6. Sometimes, New Jersey
B7. Jodie

Pressing Limit - 300 on Transparent Dark Green Shell

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