12" vinyl record.  The cover art has painting of mountains and valleys.  There is Purple mist descending from the sky.  In the middle of the cover is a girl in a dress being pulled up towards the sky by white beam of light. In the top left corner reads CHERIE AMOUR in orange letters and below it reads SPIRITUAL ACSENSION in white letters.  The vinyl record is designed in a blue pink and purple tye dye pattern.
Spiritual Ascension • Purple/White/Pink Mix • Limited to 250

Spiritual Ascension • Purple/White/Pink Mix • Limited to 250

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Cherie Amour
Spiritual Ascension

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Variant: Purple/White/Pink Mix
Limited to: 250

Track List:

LP1 • Side A
1. Welcome
2. On Deck
3. Sin City
4. Low N Lean
5. Letting Go
6. Mind's Eye

LP1 • Side B
7. Love's Not Your Thing
8. God Be A Woman
9. Spiritual Ascension
10. Losing Control
11. In My Head

Pressing Limit : 250 on Purple/White/Pink Mix 

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