Vinyl cover that depicts a woman with a background of a foreign mountain landscape with strange geometric patterns and shapes.  There is text that reads Eisley and I’m only dreaming on the cover as well.  The vinyl is colored Opaque Oatmeal.

I'm Only Dreaming • Opaque Oatmeal • Limited to 1,500

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I'm Only Dreaming

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Variant: Opaque Oatmeal
Limited Pressing to 1,500

Track List:

Side A
A1. Always Wrong • 3:58
A2. Defeatist • 3:31
A3. A Song For The Birds • 4:01
A4. Sparking • 3:45
A5. My Best Friend • 4:07
A6. Rabbit Hole • 3:59

Side B
B1. Louder Than A Lion • 3:57
B2. You Are Mine • 4:26
B3. When You Fall • 4:04
B4.Snowfall • 4:37
B5.Brightest Fire • 4:38

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