Grey Long sleeve shirt. The Text "HOT WATER MUSIC" is printed on the back of the shirt in a large circular design in a yellow text. Their band logo is in the middle of the circle, which is a graphic design of a campfire with two squiggly lines under the fire. At the bottom of the circle of text is more smaller text that reads "COLLECT YOUR THINGS AND RUN". The front of the shirt has a very small design in the top right. It is the same as the design on the back without the text "COLLECT YOUR THINGS AND RUN".
Gray long-sleeve shirt with a fire symbol and 2 bold wavy lines below it printed on upper right side in a yellow color. Symbol is surrounded by "HOT WATER MUSIC" in the shape of a circle.
Back of shirt consists of the same logo as the front, but larger and in the center of the shirt. Below the logo is printed "COLLECT YOUR THINGS AND RUN".

Simple Badge • Grey • Long-Sleeve Shirt

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Hot Water Music
Simple Badge Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
Color:  Grey 

This Long-Sleeve T-Shirt is printed on Comfort Colors

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