Charcoal gray t-shirt with words "THE DRAFT" printed in bold white towards top center of shirt. Back of shirt has "THE DRAFT" printed in same bold, white color towards the top. Below is a drawing of a circle with several small shapes in different colors (yellow, pink, orange, blue, green). Below the drawing reads "IN A MILLION PIECES" in the same bold white font.
photo of back of shirt with the text "The Draft" in bold lettering.
Photo of the front of the shirt, The shirt has a circular design. The Pattern is of colorful shards of stained glass.  The text "THE DRAFT" is on the top. The text on the bottom reads "IN A MILLION PIECES".

A Million Pieces • Pepper • T-Shirt

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The Draft
A Million Pieces T-Shirt
Color: Pepper

• Iconic Design
• This Shirt has printing on the front and back

This T-Shirt is printed on Comfort Colors