White vinyl jacket with a drawing of a picture frame in the middle. Inside the frame, there is a person looking to the side. Inside the frame, the background colors are half yellow and half blue. Above the frame, there is text that says DONOVAN MELERO. Below the frame, there is small text that says CHELSEA PARK AFTER DARK. Peeking out of the side of the jacket is a baby blue vinyl.

Chelsea Park After • Dark Baby Blue • Limited to 100

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Donovan Melero
Chelsea Park After Dark 

Dark Baby Blue
Limited to: 100

Track List:
1. Chelsea Park After Dark
2. Hated seeing you Cry
3. The color of growth
4. Toxin
5. That city
6. Closet box

7. Room 702
8. Timepiece
9. Static mirages
10. Neon Ocean
11. Better for the Next

Pressing Limit: 100 • Dark Baby Blue

This is a presale item set to ship around 10.28.2022

Album release date is April 22nd
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