Cassette tape with artwork of a woman wearing a long grey dress in the center. The woman is reaching down onto her legs where there is a deer that has been split in half. In each corner is drawings of light pink flowers, one of them having a skull blooming out of it. On the bottom there is text that lightly says HOT WATER MUSIC and below it there is text that says FEEL THE VOID. To the right is a clear cassette with the same text written on it.

Feel The Void • Clear • Cassette • Limited to 100

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Feel The Void Clear Cassette Tape

Track List:
Another Breath
Killing Time
Newtown Scraper
Collect Your Things and Run
Hearts Stay Full
Feel the Void
Turn the Dial
The Weeds
Scratch On
Ride High
Lock Up
Bred to Weather

Album release date is March 18th 2022
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