Silver and black marble swirl vinyl. The jacket is a faded brown color. The design is of a head with a distinct face. The head is connected to two lungs. There are hands on either side of the design. The right hand is holding a rose. The mask is smelling the rose, and red swirly lines are seen going from the nose to the lungs. The left hand holds an arrow.
VOWS • Silver/Black Marble Swirl • Limited to 400

VOWS • Silver/Black Marble Swirl • Limited to 400

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Hot Water Music

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Variant: Silver/Black Marble Swirl
Limited to: 400

01. Menace
02. Searching For Light
03. Burn Forever
04. After The Imponssible
05. Remnants
06. Chewing On Broken Glass

07. Fences
08. Side Of The Road
09. Wildfire
10. Bury Us All
11. Touch The Sun
12. Much Love

Pressing Limit: 400 Silver/Black Marble Swirl 

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