Black vinyl jacket with two large colored orbs in the center, overlapping vertically. In the top left, there is a box with text inside that says I THE MIGHTY, and the same in the bottom right with text that says CONNECTOR. Peeking out of the jacket on the right is a green vinyl.

Connector • Green • Limited to 500

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I The Mighty

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Variant: Green
Limited to: 500

Track List:
LP1 • Side A
01. An Epilogue As A Prologue
02. Lady of Death
03. The Lying Eyes Of Miss Erray
04. Psychomachia
05. Adrift
06. Slow Dancing Forever

LP1 • Side B
01. Friends Featuring – Max Bemis
02. Playing Catch With .22
03. Andrew's Song
04. The Hound And The Fox
05. (No) Faith In Fate
06. The Frame I: Betrayal In The Watchtower

Pressing Limit - 500 on Green

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