There's A Lot In Here CD/DVD

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Released on February 21, 2006 The first release for Jonah's partnership with Equal Vision is his CD/DVD There's A Lot In Here. The 2-Disc Set features a CD and a DVD. The CD contains some of his greatest songs, recorded live, all on one CD. The DVD features two live shows (one in a living room, one in a rock club) and 11 videos (with optional commentary by Jonah) by director XDOANEX, one for each song off of the excellent Onelinedrawing album The Volunteers. It's a great, intense release from one of the most influential artists out there.

Track List

CD1-1 Livin' Small 5:16
CD1-2 Bitte Ein Kuss 3:34
CD1-3 Smile 4:01
CD1-4 Jul00 (Never Run) 7:03
CD1-5 Halo 4:11
CD1-6 Better Than This 7:45
Live - Chain Reaction - Anaheim, CA (With A Band)
CD1-7 (Intro) 0:16
CD1-8 A-L-L-Y-S-O-N 5:22
CD1-9 Hostage 2:26
CD1-10 Yr Letter 4:41
CD1-11 Lukewarm 5:52
CD1-12 Crush On Everyone 4:14
Chain Reaction · Anaheim, CA (With A Band)
DVD1-1 Mar00 (Disco Manifesto)
DVD1-2 Smile
DVD1-3 Pefect Pair
DVD1-4 Hostage
DVD1-5 Wings
DVD1-6 Yr Letter
DVD1-7 A-L-L-Y-S-O-N
DVD1-8 Got My List
DVD1-9 Lukewarm
DVD1-10 Nov00 (Mer-Kat!)
DVD1-11 14-41
DVD1-12 Crush On Everyone
A Living Room In Southern California (Acoustic, Solo)
DVD1-13 Livin' Small
DVD1-14 Bitte Ein Kuss
DVD1-15 Smile
DVD1-16 SoftBelly
DVD1-17 Jul00 (Never Run)
DVD1-18 Halo
DVD1-19 Yr Letter
DVD1-20 Crush On Everyone
DVD1-21 Better Than This
The Volunteers · A Movie Of Sorts
DVD1-22 New York
DVD1-23 Over It
DVD1-24 A Ghost
DVD1-25 Superhero
DVD1-26 Stay
DVD1-27 We Had A Deal
DVD1-28 Oh, Boys
DVD1-29 Livin' Small
DVD1-30 Believer
DVD1-31 Portland
DVD1-32 As Much To Myself To You