CD against white background. CD cover is red and has pictures of flowers printed on it. The bottom of the cover has "SEEMLESS" printed in cursive.

What Have We Become - CD

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Released on September 5, 2006 One of the heavier, raw rock and roll albums I have come across in a while. “In My Blood” opens the album in pure mayhem. The guitar work is phenomenal, drumming stupendous and bass play superb. Take all that and tie in some great singing and occasional screams and voila you got a fantastic song. Switching it up a bit and taking a slightly different approach we get “The Deep Below” which opens up soft and slowly but then explodes gloriously into a dark and appealing tune. Getting very quirky and unique on the guitar we get “Maintain”. The wild tones will have you grasping for words to describe it. The lyrics are deep and delivered in a pristine fashion. Definitely one of those albums that’ll get your blood pumping.