Black record against white background. Record sleeve is a picture of brown paper with rips in it and script covering the paper in the background. There is a picture of someone holding a guitar in the bottom right corner. The bottom left corner depicts a ticket. "THE KILLING FLAME ANOTHER BREATH" is printed at the top of the cover in red font.

Another Breath • Black • Limited Pressing

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The Killing Flame
Another Breath

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Variant: Black
Limited Pressing

Track List:

Side A
1. The Killing Flame
2. Shooting The Star
3. Consolation Prize
4. Flag Day
5. Bloodsucker
6. Now That You're Gone
7. Survival

Side B
8. Back To The Start
9. Red Eyes
10. American Refugee
11. Thirty Year Run
12. Better Man
13. Another Breath
14. Never Coming Back

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