There is a vinyl jacket with a photo of people holding instruments and standing in front of trees. There are amps and percussion instruments behind these people, and a wild animal in the front center of all of it. There are two green vinyl peeking out from the left and right sides of the vinyl jacket.

Are Alexander Supertramp (Double LP) • Green • Limited to 220

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Wild Orchid Children
Are Alexander Supertramp 

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Variant: Green (Double LP)
Limited to: 220

Track List:

LP1 • Side A
01. We Are Alexander Supertramp
02. Black Shiny FBI Shoes

LP1 • Side B
01. Gasoline Rainbows (Jesus Is A Black Man)
02. Peyote Coyote
03. Ahead Of Us The Secret

LP2 • Side A
01. Lasers In The Jungle
02. Birth Of A Cabin

LP2 • Side B
01. Martha Washington Goes To War
02. Where The Mexican Boys Go
03. Tree Of Knowledge

Pressing Limit - 220 Green

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