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YouInSeries - Outside We Are Fine - CD

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Released on May 30, 2006

Outside We Are Fine paints vivid soundscapes of spacey, atmospheric dimensions through blistering, energetic guitars, and start / stop drums that showcase great explosiveness.

Track List

  1. The Watcher 2:40
  2. See Not What You Want But Who You Really Are 4:01
  3. Outside We Are Fine 3:44
  4. Lose Faith In The Truth 3:40
  5. When And Where A Real World Occurs 3:51
  6. We've All Wandered Out Of Reach 3:59
  7. Get Comfortable Not Knowing 3:04
  8. Move Forward And This Will All Make Sense 2:18
  9. A Guides' Wills And Wishes 3:05
  10. Often Too Much Thomas Kincade 4:56