Clear vinyl with screen printed B side peeking out of a jacket. The art on the jacket is of a drawn stone wall. The wall is very tall and has a large circle in the center. A small pond and cabin are visible through the cole. There are 3 large wooden stakes going up through the center of the hole. There is a very skinny man being hung up by his hands and legs. He only is wearing underwear.
Screen printed B side of the LP. It is the same artwork as the jacket, except everything is a white and brown color.
A photo of the vinyl peeking out of the jacket. It is being propped up on a shelf.

Secret Wars • Clear W/ Maroon Screen Printed B-Side • Limited to 250

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Hail The Sun

Secret Wars

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Variant: Clear W/ Maroon Screen Printed B-Side
Limited To 250

Track List:

Side A
01. Repellent
02. 1109
03. Spite
04. Bound
05. Secret Wars

Side B
Screen Printed B-Side

Pressing Limit - 250 Clear W/ Maroon Screen Printed B-Side

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