White long sleeved shirt. In faded red, the band name "HAIL THE SUN" is printed. Inside of that lettering is the text "UNDER THE FLOOR". Underneath the text is an extreme close up black and white image of a blood shot eye. In the center of the eye is a red circle with three lines underneath that look like sun rays. On the left sleeve the text "UNDER THE FLOOR" is printed in large faded red. The right sleeve has three black and white distorted images.
Image of a man wearing the shirt. He is sitting, leaning up against an orange couch. To his left is a rack of guitars.

Under The Floor • White • Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

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Hail The Sun
Under The Floor Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
Color: White

Our preferred garments are Comfort Colors, and Bella Canvas, ; due to issues with the supply chain, we don’t know what will be available when it comes time to print this item. The two garments mentioned will be our first picks for printing, but an alternative garment might be used.