Cloudy Green Double Vinyl LP&
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The Always Open Mouth (Double LP) • Green Cloud • Limited to 250

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Fear Before The March of Flames
The Always Open Mouth (Double LP)

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Variant: Green Cloud 
Limited to: 250

Track List:

LP1 • Side A
01. Absolute Future
02. Drowning The Old Hag
03. Mouth
04. Taking Cassandra To The End Of The World Party

LP1 • Side B
01. Ten Seconds In Los Angeles
02. The Waiting Makes Me Curious
03. High As A Horse
04. Dog Sized Bird

LP1 • Side C
01. Complete And Utter Confusion...
02. ...As A Result Of Signals Being Crossed
03.My (Fucking) Deer Hunter

LP1 • Side D
01. Lycanthropy
02. A Brief Tutorial In Bachanalia
03. A Gift For Fiction
04. Absolute Past

Pressing Limit -250 Green Cloud

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