Maroon drawstring hoodie with "Hail The Sun" printed in the center in a tan color. Sleeves are printed with celestial symbols such as different moon phases in the same tan color.
Back of hoodie has a drawing of a box with four figures pulling at a larger figure in the center, and splitting the large figure in half. Inside the large figure is a circle. There are thick lines in the background going all different directions. Below the picture reads "DIVINE INNER TENSION" in all caps. Everything is printed in a tan color.
A photo of a man wearing the hoodie. He is in a wooded lake area.
A photo of a man showing off the back of the hoodie. He is in a wooded lake area.

Divine Inner Tension • Maroon • Pullover Hoodie

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Hail The Sun
Divine Inner Tension Pullover Hoodie
Color: Maroon

• Iconic Design
• This Pullover Hoodie has printing on the front, and both sleeves  and the back.

Printed on Independent Trading
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