Gold, blue, and white marble vinyl.  Vinyl jacket has a picture looking up at a tall building and sky. Sky is blue and there are white outlines of birds. Center right of jacket has "MAE" printed in thin, lowercase font and "DESTINATION BEAUTIFUL" printed below it.

Destination: Beautiful • All Deliberate Speed • Aside/Bside - Gold/ Blue /White • Limited to 100

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Destination: Beautiful (20 Year Pressing)

Variant: All Deliberate Speed • Aside/Bside - Gold/ Blue /White
Limited to 100

Track List:

01. Embers and Envelopes • 4:20
02. This Time Is the Last Time • 3:53
03. All Deliberate Speed • 5:10
04. Runaway • 3:41
05. Sun • 5:09
06. Last Call • 3:32

07. Skyline Drive • 5:57
08. Soundtrack for Our Movie • 3:06
09. Summertime • 4:08
10. Giving It Away • 5:24
11. Goodbye, Goodnight • 4:49

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