The background of this album is a dark forest.  On the left of the album is a boy in a white shirt and black tie, and on the right is a girl in a white dress.  They are holding onto a white glowing cube in the middle of the album.  In the middle of the album reads PIERCE THE VEIL in large white letters, below it reads SELFISH MACHINES in small green letters.

Selfish Machines [RE-ISSUE] CD

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*RE-MIXED BY DAN KORNEFF (Collide With The Sky)

Track List

Besitos 4:22
Southern Constellations 1:04
The Boy Who Could Fly 5:07
Caraphernelia 4:30
Fast Times At Clairemont High 4:01
The New National Anthem 3:59
Bulletproof Love 3:57
Stay Away From My Friends 4:41
I Don't Care If You're Contagious 3:24
Disasterology 3:26
Million Dollar Houses (The Painter) 4:01
The Sky Under The Sea 4:33